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152 Dead After Obama Orders Escort Jet To Fire On Passenger Plane

Barack Obama decided to use a small, private plane for a trip to Tuscany. Rather than go below the radar and quietly jet off someplace exotic to stick it to the American taxpayer, the former dictator-in-chief who thought and still thinks he’s above the law had to take a dozen US fighter jets to escort him.

As the aerial motorcade made its way into Europe, a medium range plane from KLM, whose transponder wasn’t working but who was in continual contact with towers on the ground with their position, came too close to the American fighter group and was ordered shot down…by Barack Obama.

According to the War Powers Act, when a president, even one who no longer holds office, is outside the jurisdiction of the United States, he has on-the-scene authority to command troops as he sees fit until he is relieved. Obama got nervous, ordered an unarmed airplane shot down , killed 152 people and flew on to Tuscany like nothing happened.

Because essentially, nothing did happen. LLOD correspondent Skip Tetheluda is reporting from Monte Christo that There has been no word of the plane in Europe at all, although, at this point, people are beginning to ask questions. On the US airwaves, we hear nothing. Our report comes from a small tower outside of Caledonia that transmitted the final warning from the US airman that shot the plane down to the KLM pilot. The pilot was speaking Dutch so we’ve translated:

The conversation between the USAF pilot (USAF) and the KLM pilot (KLM) went as follows:

  • USAF — KLM 146 this is US Cpt. J.T. Livingston…I have been cleared to fire on your aircraft. This is your last warning. Change course to heading three one three mark six.
  • KLM — We don’t understand. We are trying to find a translator now.
  • USAF — No, we don’t have to provide you with a translator. Change course o\r you will be fired on.
  • KLM — So we should what? Change course to three one three mark (loud noise)
  • USAF — The target has been neutralized.
  • Obama from his plane — Fine work, airman.

Not exactly the way you want that conversation to go if you’re the guy responsible for shooting down a Dutch passenger jet.

President Trump immediately relieved Obama of his command and assumed control of American forces overseas personally. Since the initial five minutes that the story broke there has been no word of it anywhere. Probably some bonehead psychiatrist put in place by Obama said the American public couldn’t handle the truth.



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