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Bill O’Reilly Finally Reveals The Real Story Why He Was Fired, It’s DISGUSTING

Legendary news anchor Bill O’Reilly’s millions of fans are still reeling from Bill’s abrupt firing at the hands of 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch and other Fox News executives who want to take the network in a more liberal direction.

Until now, we have just gotten one side of the story, from the mainstream media and from opportunistic lawyers such as Lisa Bloom. However, O’Reilly finally broke his silence and revealed the truth of what happened behind the scenes that lead to his sudden dismissal.

Said Bill on The Glenn Beck Radio Program, in his very first interview since his firing, “This was a hit and in the weeks to come we’re going to be able to explain some of it.” He stated that a great deal of the pressure to fire him came from radical liberal protesters who threatened to boycott the companies that advertised on The O’Reilly Factor and other Fox News shows.

O’Reilly said that he and his lawyers would soon come public with the people who orchestrated the effort to get him sacked. He indicated that liberal activist billionaire George Soros was one of the main people behind the plot. Said O’Reilly, “There’s going to be an exposition soon but I can’t tell you when … I was target No. 1, it’s sad for me it’s sad for my family … From now on, when I ‘m attacked I’m going to take action, mostly legal action.”

O’Reilly said that he was on his way back to New York from a trip to the Vatican City when he first got wind that he had lost his job. Said Bill, “My attorneys told me and we were all shocked … I had 20 good years at FNC. We were caught by surprise, but it’s their prerogative.” He added, “People know that the left wing media hates Fox and hates me … but they don’t know the extent of it… We’re accumulating information and someday it will all be clear.” Bill also criticized members of the press, including Glenn Beck, for believing and circulating the rumor that Bill had received $25 million to leave Fox News. Said O’Reilly, “In American journalism right now, very few are seeking the truth. What they do . . . is come up with this scenario and try to reinforce that.” Do you miss Bill O’Reilly?
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