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BOMBSHELL: FBI Agents RiskExposehttp Their Careers to Expose

The real reason for Comey’s firing was made clear by some brave FBI agents. Agents are speaking out against former FBI Director James Comey after President Trump fired him last week.

Specifically, many agents are angered that the Clinton investigation did not result in charges. Two FBI special agents have released an interview transcript to The Daily Caller revealing they were “appalled” by Comey’s decision not to press charges against Clinton, and questioned his leadership.

We are not surprised. Comey left a trail of destruction at the FBI, and now it has to be cleaned up by President Trump and whoever he appoints as director.

The two agents — who spoke to reporters anonymously — have certainly confirmed this. Furthermore, they claimed that this is just the beginning, and that many more insiders plan on speaking out now that Comey is out of the picture. It seems that Comey wasn’t nearly as well-regarded within the FBI as some would have you believe.

What offended agents the most was Comey’s arrogance. When announcing that Clinton would not be charged, Comey referred to himself as an “investigator” while insinuating that other investigators agreed with the decision.

However, Comey has never been an investigator, and he has never received the intense training required to be an FBI agent. Instead, Comey has been a lawyer and politician his entire career.



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