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BREAKING: Famous Clinton Supporter Caught Moving Money For ISIS

Liberal hero and Hillary Clinton supporter Elizabeth Banks has been arrested in conjuction whit some shocking allegations of her possibly beings an ISIS sympathizer.This is the women who sat with an stood next to Hillary Clinton every step of the way.She produced the horrible libtard-filled Fight Song video that coused a massive boycott of Rachel Pllaten tapes and CDs.

After an investigation into her text returns,it was discovered that not only did Banks launder more than &40 million for ISIS over the past four years,she also donated more than $10 million of thair funds for Hillary Clintons campaign.

Elizabeth Banks host day two of the Democratic National Convention.Are you paing attention,Patriots?
Hollywood star are becoming sympatizers with radical Islam.Elizabeth Banks is just the lates casualty.Before we know it we will have Robert DeNiro on TV telling us all abouth the dangers of our freedom and how there is a better way with the laws of Sharia.

While the Republicans fuble over their new power,leaving our President helpless to govern effectively,the liberals are in the back rooms making deals with the globalists for whatever will make it easier to control the masses.

Banks is been sent to a secure facility to be stripped of her citizenship and held indefinitely as an enemy combatand.If the money can be traced to Clinton campaign,there will be hell to pay



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