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Crazy Lib Makes Tucker The Angriest He’s Ever Been, Tucker Destroys Him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been topping the ratings with his program Tucker Carlson Tonight, which features Tucker welcoming a wide array of liberal thinkers onto his show and then systematically picking apart their flawed thinking and poor argumentation to their face.

Naturally, things can get heated, as so many of these liberals do not like to suffer this kind of embarrassment when their ideas are exposed for what they are. Also, some of these guests’ beliefs are so extreme and offensive that Tucker, too, is known to get angry just listening to him. Tucker has gotten mad on his show many times before, but one recent Democrat guest just made Carlson more upset than he has ever been before on television.

Tucker brought a Democratic strategist named Mustafa Tameez on Tucker Carlson Tonight, and Tameez quickly outed himself as one of the many left-wing conspiracy theorists who can’t seem to shake their idea that President Donald Trump is somehow just a puppet of the Russians, completely discounting how Trump won the election by being an incredibly charismatic campaigner who pledged real change for regular Americans instead of more of the same from Hillary Clinton.

On the show, Tameez said that he wants there to be an independent investigation to try to suss out these supposed ties between Trump and Russia. Tucker stated that the idea is “ludicrous” and questioned why “Democrats would like to politicize it even further” and start a fourth witch hunt investigation, when the previous three failed to turn up any evidence of collusion with Russia.

Asked Carlson, “Why is the FBI investigation inadequate? Is the FBI corrupted? Is that what you’re saying?” Then Mustafa said that Trump somehow corrupted the investigation by firing the universally loathed James Comey. This is when Tucker lost it on his guest and said, “I’ve reached this conclusion after four months. This is totally fake. It’s totally disingenuous. This whole, ‘No, it’s good for the country this independent investigation.’ That’s not true!” When Mustafa told Tucker that he sounded like Donald Trump by saying that, Trump told him, “You can insult me if you want” and stopped the interview. Are you glad Tucker shut down this idiot liberal? Watch below:




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