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Huckabee Trashes “SNL” With Brutal Slam For Sick Thing They Did To His Daughter

NBC’s Saturday Night Live, which hasn’t been funny since at least the 1990’s, has turned to timely political humor in a desperate, cynical big to spike its soft ratings. The executives at NBC saw that there was a demand among Democrats bitter about Hillary Clinton’s loss to have their worldview validated, and they decided that Saturday Night Live would supply this easy validation through comedy.

Recently, the sketch “comedy” show has devolved into little more than a string of skits promoting a deeply biased liberal perspective about President Donald Trump and his White House, with Trump and his staffers as recurring characters and punching bags for cheap shot jokes. After Trump’s Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was smeared on a recent episode, her father Mike Huckabee decided to speak out against Saturday Night Live and set the records straight.

The program tried to create drama out Sean Spicer’s role as Trump’s Press Secretary, and had the White House press pool reporters clamoring for Sarah to take over for Spicer, since, in her characterization as a Southern bumpkin, she would be easier for them to deal with.

The senior Huckabee bashed the skit for being “a little bit silly, sexist, misogynist.” He defended his daughter, saying, “But my daughter is certainly capable of handling a whole lot worse than that. We taught her, that she’s going to be judged by God, not by some not so funny comedy writers on Saturday Night Live.”

 Huckabee continued by saying, “She’s not trying to replace Sean Spicer, she loves Sean, respects him, works wonderfully with him and has nothing but high regard for him. So she’s happy to do what she’s doing and grateful to be in the White House and serving this president and serving her country. I don’t think somebody throwing a dart at her is going to detract her one bit. She’s a whole lot stronger than they think she is.” How much do you respect Huckabee for standing up for his daughter like this? Watch below:



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