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Miss USA Winner: Healthcare Not A Right

Sunday night, pageant officials crowned the new Miss USA, 25-year-old Miss D.C., scientist Kára McCullough.

McCullough has a raft of achievements that one should want to recognize.

From Free Beacon:

McCullough works at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was born in Italy, studied nuclear chemistry, hosts a community outreach program for children to learn more about science and wants to inspire more women to get into STEM fields, according to the Washington Post.

But she committed a grevious faux pas for the politically correct police when answering a question about healthcare.

The first query: “Do you think affordable health-care for all U.S. citizens is a right or a privilege and why?”

“I’m definitely going to say it’s a privilege,” McCullough responded. “As a government employee, I am granted health-care. And I see firsthand that for one to have health-care, you need to have jobs. So therefore, we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we’re given the opportunities to have health-care as well as jobs to all the American citizens worldwide.”

She also stepped in it when answering if she considered herself a feminist.

Miss DC: As a woman scientist in the government, I would like to lately transpose the word feminism to equalism. I don’t really want to consider myself — try not to consider myself like this die hard, you know, like, oh, I don’t really care about men, but one thing I want to say, though, women, we are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity in the workplace.

And I say firsthand I have witnessed the impact that women have in leadership in the medical sciences as well as in the office environment, so as Miss USA, I would hope to promote that kind of leadership responsibility globally to so many women worldwide.

Sounds like the New Miss U.S.A has a brain to go with beauty and wouldn’t be parroting the party line.

How dare she reject the narrative and want to encourage an economic environment that gives job opportunities to all Americans?

Her views did not go unnoticed by the liberal horde who were with her, until she revealed her conservative views.

Doubtless, McCullough may have blown some opportunities with expressing these views.

But kudos to the Miss USA for sticking up for the truth and not wilting on such a huge stage!



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