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Nancy Pelosi Said Something On TV That Proves She’s Senile, Holy Sh*t [Video]

Former Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has for a very long time had a reputation for being deluded and narcissistic, but some observers have noted that her situation has gotten far worse than that.

The House Minority Leader, who is well past minority, appears to be exhibiting signs of aging dementia, according to some analysts. As hard as she has been trying to deny it, Pelosi just confirmed people’s worst fears with the crazy statement that she just made.

Pelosi recently went on ABC’s This Week and launched one of her patented ad nauseam attacks against President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for her, however, in the process she revealed how her mental faculties have been crumbling.

She talked about how the Democratic party is doing better than people think, saying, “I see everything as an opportunity. And I’ve never seen so much willingness to help win. And winning means winning for the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not with President Bush.”

 Pelosi then realized that it’s 2017 and not 2001 through 2009 and, embarrassed, she said, “I’m so sorry, President Bush. I never thought I would pray for the day that you were president again.” She then quickly changed the subject so that people wouldn’t notice, saying, “And so you asked the question, how would I work with a Republican president? The way we worked with President Bush. We got a great deal accomplished…Biggest energy bill in the history of our country, a tax bill that helped low-income working families that we want and we wanted to be big and we found our common ground. The list goes on and on.” Do you think Pelosi belongs in a nursing home? Watch below:




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