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Do You Remember That $400 Million Of Obama’s Deal With Iran? Well, This Was Its Purpose

$400 million from the Obama administration’s prisoner swap with Iran went straight into the pockets of Hezbollah. The Shi’ite terrorist group has used that money very well in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.

In January 2016, Obama secretly sent $400 million in cash to Iran in an unmarked cargo plane. Despite the Obama administration excuses, the money was used to facilitate the release of 4 American citizens from Iranian jails.

 In return, Tehran received 7 Iranian criminals and a big amount of cash to develop their nefarious foreign policy plans. But as if that was not enough, Obama sent later two more payments totaling $1.3 billion.That money lets Tehran regime to personally funds and trains groups like the Houthis of Yemen, some Shi’ite militias of Iraq, and the infamous Hezbollah.

The Houthis is a tribal militia that advocates for the Zaidi sect of the Shi’ite Islam. After years of conflict for regional autonomy, they seized power in Yemen in 2015.

This group is deeply anti-American and has been known to target Americans for kidnapping. But thanks to these barbaric bandits, Yemen has a serious humanitarian crisis that is only getting worse thanks to thuggish tactics used by the Saudi Arabian army.

As for Hezbollah, this terrorist group poses a direct threat to U.S interests abroad and at home. This group is responsible for funding and arming many criminal militias in Latin America.

Thanks to Iranian money, Hezbollah has been buying and selling drugs in Mexico and South America narco-groups like Los Zetas, MS-13, FARC, Los Soles, and others.

The Iranian deal was not only a stupid foreign policy; it was also an act of treason.



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