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Reports: Obama Had No Intention Of Keeping Nuclear Weapons Out Of Iranian Hands

The dark side of the Obama administration continues to be brought to light, and it sure isn’t pretty. Recently, former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta revealed an unsettling truth: Obama had no intention of keeping nuclear weapons out of Iranian hands.

In fact, Panetta even went so far as to say that our former president was flat-out lying when he claimed he was serious about keeping nukes out of the Middle Eastern country. Who knew?

According to Panetta, part of his job under Obama was actually to protect Iranian nuclear facilities from Israeli airstrikes, and keeping Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and his defense minister, Ehud Barak, at bay.

The recent profile on Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, came with many other shocking revelations, such as that Obama and his administration didn’t actually care about whether or not Iran’s political leaders were “moderate” or not.

Though Obama himself reportedly claimed that the two-year Iran deal began after moderates were chosen, the truth is that most of the heavy-lifting involved was completed well before they were elected. Whether or not they are truly “moderate” was of little importance.

As reported, Look, with Iran, in a weird way, these are state-to-state issues. They’re agreements between governments. Yes, I would prefer that it turns out that Rouhani and Zarif are real reformers who are going to be steering this country into the direction that I believe it can go in, because their public is educated and, in some respects, pro-American. But we are not betting on that.”

Obama apparently didn’t see a difference between radical Islamists and “moderdates,” proving that he didn’t have Israel’s best interests in mind while cutting a deal–that could spell the end for the only democracy in the middle east. Obama never had the intention of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons.



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