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Trey Gowdy Destroys Traitor GOPs Who Are Trying To Attack Trump, Hell Yes

Traitor establishment Republicans ignored the will of the people when they attempted to obstruct businessman Donald Trump’s outsider presidential candidacy, and they are still up to their old tricks now that Trump defied the odds and is in the White House.

These establishment Republicans, such as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, are too deeply invested personally in our entrenched system to back President Trump’s bold vision for America, and they have been doing everything they can to side with Democrats’ and take Trump’s opportunities for change away. Thankfully, Congressman Trey Gowdy just spoke up against one thing these traitors are doing to smear Trump.

Trump appointed retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who former President Barack Obama failed to properly vet, to be his National Security Advisor, and it ended up being a mistake. However, Democrats are attempting to exploit this one bad egg and use it to attack Trump’s presidency as a whole for political gain. Sadly, some Republicans are helping them with this. Gowdy slammed Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, as well as his fellow House Oversight Committee chair Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, for saying that Michael Flynn had committed a crime.

 Said Gowdy to Tucker Carlson about Michael Flynn, “We are dreadful at investigating crime, and we should not attempt to do so. That is why you don’t hear me alleging that people committed crimes.” Commented Tucker, “It doesn’t stop your colleagues, I notice.”

Responded Gowdy, “It doesn’t, and that disappoints me because I think you ought to wait until all of the evidence is in and ask the jury to draw whatever conclusion you want.” He added that it is easy to destroy a person’s reputation by blindly accusing them of things, saying, “We do it, unfortunately, in modern-day culture a lot. It is just unfair to the individual, no matter who’s doing it.” Are you glad Gowdy called out traitor Republicans who are helping Democrats smear Trump?




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