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John McCain to officially break all ties with the GOP

It really is surprising, but judging by what we’ve seen so far we cannot say that we are truly shocked, and something like this was pretty much expected to happen.

Well, whether it has been expected or not, not it Senator John McCain has definitely renounced any affiliation with the Republican Party and will most likely side with Democrats.

McCain confirmed that this comes because of his contrasting opinions with Republicans, mostly due to his disagreement with how President Trump runs things now.

Here’s something McCain said:

“I am and always will be opposed to Donald Trump. In fact, I’ve decided that any party that supports supports him supports the worst America has to offer. For that reason, I’m leaving the GOP and Caucusing as an independent with the Democrats,” said McCain.

Steve Doocy was probably the most dismayed and shocked by McCain’s public renunciation.

Doocy even said that McCain was basically committing political suicide with making such an abrupt and groundbreaking decision.

McCain met this comment with a laugh and finished the discussion.

Not that he will be dearly missed, but with such a decision McCain has just confirmed his selfish worldview and that he simply is too mercurial and capricious of mind that he cannot retain his fidelity towards an organization.

Who knows, maybe he will eventually even depart from the Democratic party and become somewhat of a political outcast.

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