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CNN Reporter Refuses To Say Trump Is Her President, She Got Destroyed

t is disturbing how liberal-biased self-proclaimed news network CNN gives leftist extremists a platform to spread their antagonisms against the United States and endlessly attack and smear our country’s democratically elected President Donald Trump.

One such radical CNN personality is political commentator Angela Rye, who has consistently used inflammatory rhetoric on the show to sow partisan divisions. She recently reached a brand now low when he refused to say on air that Donald Trump is her President.

Rye appeared on the CNN show New Day to take part in a discussion with former Trump advisor Jack Kingston about the controversy surroundinf Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, a music promoter and a pop singer.

When the debate ended up focusing on President Donald Trump and not his son, Rye made a nasty dig to Kingston by saying, “There are a lot of things your president has done to defy logic. Let’s at least acknowledge that.”

Shot back Kingston, who is an American citizen just like Rye, “Your president, Angela. Your president too.” The childish Angela still would not say that Trump is the president of her country, retorting in immature fashion, “Well, he’s your president.” CNN’s Josh Berman, who hosted the show, ended up siding with Jack. As he ended the segment, he clearly stated that Donald Trump is “the President of the United States.” Stated an internet commenter, “I am willing to bet that Angela Rye wept on Election Night. Poor butt-hurt li’l snowflake.” Should CNN fire Angela? Watch below:




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