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Meghan McCain Eviscerates MSNBC’s Joy Reid For Claiming That GOP Is Built On ‘Victimhood’

The entire narrative of the Democratic Party is that everyone is a victim of ‘white men’ and we must give everyone perks to even things out. However, according to MSNBC’s race-baiter Joy Reid Republicans are the ones who think they are victims.

This is a Republican Party that’s been built on resentment and a sense of victimhood, a sense of persecution – almost a persecution complex – for more than 40 years, almost 50 years, going back to the dawn of the civil rights movement when they felt persecuted by the world,” said Reid. Did she mean to say Democratic Party? Fox’s Meghan McCain crushed Reid for saying this.

“That woman knows nothing about GOP politics. I would like to know the last time she left New York City and actually talked to a Republican voter in their home state,” said McCain.

“The Democratic Party has been fertilized by victimization for many many years,” added Jesse Watters. “The left is in love with the idea of being victims” said McCain.

 “She may not like why President Trump won because he actually talked to voters in the middle of the country and listened to their problems. It is none of her concern. What she needs to be concerned about is talking to the voters that they lost and when you’re in this bubble at MSNBC judging conservatives in the middle of the country, you’re sure as hell not going to win them back over,” said McCain.




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