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Bill Maher Wants The Stock Market To Crash So It Will Hurt Trump

It is distressing that there are so many liberals in America who are so entrenched in their opposition to Republican President Donald Trump that they would rather see the United States fail than see Trump succeed in his plan to Make America Great Again.

One of those liberals is, unsurprisingly, comedian and HBO host Bill Maher, who recently shared his wish during an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that he wishes the American stock market fails so that it will hurt Trump politically.

Said Maher about Trump, “I thought he would crash the stock market, and I still think he will. I’m hoping actually because that’s one thing that would maybe lose him a lot of support in the Republican party. But I thought and predicted — and I was wrong — that the stock market hates volatility and uncertainty. And who is more volatile than Donald Trump? But I guess I underestimated their greed because they still want their tax cut.”

Maher then came out and declared his opinion that President Trump, as well past Republican Presidents Reagan and Nixon, have deliberatedly used racism to win votes. Opined Bill, “It’s almost a protest vote, you know. I’m not surprised because there are — now, there is a certain percentage of people who are, I think, racist, and that’s part of his appeal.”

He added, “And, you know, his dog whistle was louder than any dog whistle we’ve heard — and the Republicans have been playing that game since Nixon and the Southern Strategy, and Reagan opening his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi. That’s been going on a long time, but he just did it in a much more blatant way, so he can’t deny that that’s part of it.” Why is Maher so hateful toward Republicans? Watch below:




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