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CNN’s Brinkley Calls Trump ‘Mussolini’ In Bizarre Unhinged Rant

CNN and the mainstream media make every nasty attack against President Trump they can think of. They have compared him to Hitler, ISIS, and North Korea. They have claimed that his election was worse than 9-11. Now they are comparing him to Italian fascist leader Mussolini. CNN guest historian Douglas Brinkley started by talking about Scaramucci’s rant to the New Yorker.

“I think when you have a White House communications director that uses the kind of foul language that he does against fellow employees of the federal government, and makes threats the way that he did, and that’s supposed to be your solution to the United States’s way they’re going to communicate to the world, it means Donald Trump picked the wrong person to be his communications director,” said Brinkley.

“The rest of the world is laughing, and we’re playing these reality TV big time wrestling games because Donald Trump was weaned and raised on television, and it’s become like a TV episodic president where every day you’ve gotta say something sensational to make sure your name’s on the headlines,” he said.

He went onto tell obvious lies about President Trump. “He’s not really a Republican. Republicans don’t like Donald Trump. He’s going independent in a kind of revolutionary way; it’s sort of the Trump movement; ‘You’re either with me or against me,’” said Brinkley.

“The key to Donald Trump is just this kind of blind, fierce loyalty. And that’s what Franco expected in Spain. That’s what Mussolini wanted in Italy. I mean, there are kind of ways where you’re asking people to march in lockstep with you. Six months of a dysfunctional White House. Nothing has gotten done. … It’s a failed agenda, so far,” he said. Are you tired of CNN’s slander. Check out the video below:




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