“What kind of advice have you been giving out lately, huh? You penny-pinching, pissing-while-you-sit punk. You’re the only Jewish guy in the White House and you have nothing to say for yourself? You have an unused Twitter account, no one’s heard your voice. Are you a f*cking mute? It’s a shame… in Yiddish, we call it a ‘shonda,’” said Rapaport.

“It’s time to take the f*cking dreidel out of your ass, spend a few of your billion dollars, buy yourself some balls. Otherwise we want to disassociate ourselves from you. You’re a f*cking stereotype,” said Rapaport.

He also attacked President Trump. “You said you were gonna drain the swamp you sloppy animal, not over flow us with it,” tweeted Rapaport.

Do you think it is wrong for Rapaport to single out Jared Kushner because he is Jewish? Apparently, if you work in Hollywood and insult Trump and his family you can be as anti-semitic as you want. Check out the video below. Be warned it is vulgar.