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Nasty Surprise: Obama Told Americans That Their Freedom Is Over And New World Government Is Taking Over!!!

President Obama has always been a far left borderline socialist progressive liberal. Their is no denying that. Why else would he push such ridiculous polices such as the Affordable Care Act, gun control, and an ever increasing acceptance number of refugees. Well apparently he has not changed his tune. Because President Obama appeared at his final United Nations General Assembly meeting to give his final speech as a sitting President. While there he said some absolutely ridiculous things about American freedom that will have most Americans absolutely flabbergasted at.

During his speech he effectively advocated for a one world order style of international governance and international law and order. Maintaining that the United States would likely have to be willing to give up some freedoms in order to attain that outcome. He went on to argue that global security can only be atrained through the help of international insutitions, such as the United Nations for example.

Obama said that the only freedom we should not have to sacrifice is the freedom to defend ourselves. But apparently he noted everything else is basically up for grabs. He even admitted that Amerifans criticize him for this mentality but insisted he remains firm in the belief he is right. I hope he’s enjoying that Gilligan’s Island by himself.

How ridiculous! He knows his constituents do not agree with him but he is so pompous and arrogant and stringent in his belief of his righteousness he is completely unwilling to bend and compromise. That perfectly depicts the divisiveness that encompasses Washington D.C. right now. If the leader of our country cannot broach the middle of the road why on earth would he expect other representatives to do so. It’s like parents who tell their kids to do one thing and then literally do exactly what they told their kids not to do. Then they wonder why they misbehave.

Watch President Obama’s full speech here,