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What Strange Drug Is Malia Obama On? Must See!

The liberal media tries to attack President Trump’s children in any way they can. Rosie O’Donnell even led a bullying campaign against 11-year-old Barron Trump claiming that he is autistic. A Saturday Night Live writer and other comedians also attacked Barron in a number of ways. But what have former President Obama’s children been up to?

TMZ caught Malia Obama at 2017’s Lollapoolza. She wildly danced with a friend to the band ‘The Killers’. However, soon it looked like more than just wildly dancing. It looked like some kind of hard drug-trip. The 19 year old went to the ground and pounded it like a maniac.

The video soon went viral as people wondered what kinds of drugs she must be on. “Crazy drug induced night?” wrote one. “Obviously drugs involved here. How is the Media not ALL OVER THIS??? Proof that liberalism is a mental disease!” wrote another user.

“Bath salts are a hell of a drug,” wrote another user. “What drug induces that kind of reaction? ” wrote another user.

Obama once admitted to using drugs when he was a teenager. Like father like daughter? What do you think? Check out Malia Obama’s strange dance in the video below:




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