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PARTY OVER: McConnell Just Rained HELLFIRE On Senate Summer Vacation…Trump Is PROUD

There has not been a lot of times in my life where I can say I am PROUD to call Mitch McConnell the top Republican in Congress…until today.

This morning, just hours after President Trump told the Senate not to leave until they finish healthcare, McConnell did something unthinkable for the lazy Congress…


I know, so childish for a bunch of “world leaders”, but that’s what it takes these days. Also, it’s worth noting only the first 2 weeks were canceled, not the entire recess yet.

So what are they gonna do with that extra 2 weeks? Well, according to McConnell‘s agenda, the Senate will:

  • Finish Healthcare

    • Finish Tax Reform

    • Work on the National Defense Authorization Act

    • Approve some of the CRUCIAL Trump nominations that Democrats have senselessly stonewalled.

  • While the delay is a good thing, I would say their agenda is optimistic at best. It has taken them MONTHS to get nowhere on a single issue. I’d say Hell will freeze over before they can tackle 4 major issues in 2 weeks.

    There is also no denying that this delayed vacation is the brainchild of President Donald Trump. Did y’all see yesterday’s tweet about exactly this?

    Then there was Ted Cruz last night going on Hannity where he claimed he has been pushing McConnell for MONTHS to cancel the recesses. Well, Ted, you got your wish.

    Progress is Progress, I guess. Let’s show our Senators support for doing a good thing for once by sharing this out everywhere. Let them know it’s simple: If you support the American people, we will support you. If you don’t find a different job.