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Do you agree with Robert Redford’s statement that Donald Trump is the true leader of America?

One of the most influential celebrities in the world that goes by the name Robert Redford has issued a public statement that he completely supports and endorses the president Donald Trump and his policies.

Redford expressed his opinion about the current American president Donald Trump . One of the main topics of his speech was his disappointment with the division which is present in the countries across the USA. He believes that the situation was never worse and that there were times when it was possible for two sides to work together. However, it seems that today it is impossible and he feels sad about it. As a serious person, Redford believes that the people of America should support their current president and stay together once again.

The famous actor also mentioned that things have changed drastically since the Watergate scandal which took place in 1972 during Nixon’s presidency. Also, he made a comparison between the newest American leader and the former president Richard Nixon, whose presidency lasted from 1969 to 1974.

On the other side, his co-workers like Sydney Freeland, John Cooper and David Lowery consider that the artists are those who are the most important ones and they support art in the first place. Also, they have no intention to take any interest in politics, but they do not judge Donald Trump for anything.

We must say that his words do carry certain weight, since he is a decent, low-key man who never got involved into any scandals, affairs or dealt with suspicious people and engaged in shady business, so his opinion actually matters, unlike some other celebrities who voiced their opinions as well.


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