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Jason Chaffetz Just Uncovered The Truth About Loretta Lynch And She Wants It BURIED

GOP Rep. and House of Oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz will not let Loretta Lynch off the hook. The Utah representative stated on Saturday that the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office is investigating into ex- Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempting to shut down the FBI’s email probe of Hillary Clinton.

“This is really a pivotal moment,” said Chaffetz on “Fox & Friends,” continuing to explain that Agency Inspector General Michael Horowitz “has been diving into this” and is expected to compose a comprehensive report on Lynch. The report would most notably cover her supervision of the dropped FBI email probes during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

Furthermore, it’s been reported that Lynch “directed [Comey] not to call it an investigation and call it a matter — which confused [Comey].”

Chaffetz stated on Saturday that the remark “evidently sparked a series of events” for Comey. The Senate Judiciary Committee, in a bipartisan announcement, formally asked Lynch and others to respond to allegations of “political interference” in the Clinton FBI email investigation.

Lynch has always been painfully biased, but this is pushing things too far. President Trump has been crystal clear about his intentions to drain the swamp, and shady, self-serving politicians like Lynch should be the first to go.

With all the nonstop liberal media blowing up the Russia probe, maybe it’s time they shine a light on something that ACTUALLY hurts this country.

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