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HILARIOUS: Watch Jim Acosta From CNN Burst Into Tears After Trump Put Him In Back Row

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta can cry about President Trump seating him in the back row at a recent press conference until hell or Siberia freezes over.

Back in January, Acosta verbally accosted the president, who called the newscaster rude and a peddler of fake news. Former CNN talking head Reza Azlan took things down a notch and called Trump a “piece of shit” on Twitter and was fired.

Turned out Acosta was so upset about the seating arrangement that he went on CNN and cried to Wolf Blitzer how it might have been “retaliation” against CNN for nothing other than its stellar reporting on Trump.

WATCH whiny Acosta go:

“What happened?” Blitzer asks in his usually serious and penetrating manner.

Acosta noted that in most cases representatives of the media are placed in one section, therefore it was highly unusual that he would find his seat waiting in the far away hinterlands of Trump’s press conference in the Rose Garden.

He said it was like “being in Siberia.”

It’s doubtful that Acosta has ever been to Siberia in Putin’s vilified Russia, but we get the Russian connection.

Acosta later assured CNN viewers that if it was in fact retaliation it was “not going to deter” CNN reporters from asking “tough questions.”

CNN can ask all the tough questions it wants. It’s what the network does afterward that matters. Usually, the product is more fake news and a speedy retraction or “explanation.”

So, it’s only natural that Trump might want to keep CNN at arm’s length with permanent exile to media Siberia.

We would love to hear your comments about Trump’s banishment of CNN reporter Jim Acosta to the furthest rear section during a recent White House press conference.

Source: Truth Feed



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