Like every other school in America’s public college and university system, Evergreen State College is directly supported by taxpayer money involuntarily given by residents of Washington state. Unfortunately, these taxpayers have no say regarding what goes on at this and other colleges that they are funding.

Earlier this year, famously liberal Evergreen State decided that it would hold a “Day of Absence” on campus. For this event, all students, faculty and staff who were Caucasian were asked to leave the campus so that the school could have no white people present for one day.

One white professor named Bret Weinstein refused to comply with the college’s demand that he leave the campus, and he ended up being the center of a firestorm where students demanded that he be fired. Weinstein susequently sued the college, claiming the the college’s administration “sent the unmistakable message that the school will tolerate (and even endorse) egregious violations (and even crimes) purportedly to advance racial social goals, diminishing the collegiate experience for all, and fostering a racially hostile work and retaliatory environment for faculty and staff.”

He added in his lawsuit, “Through a series of decisions made at the highest levels, including to officially support a day of racial segregation, the college has refused to protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence.”

The lawsuit resulted with Weinstein and his wife getting a $500,000 settlement from the college. Weinstein and his wife have also agreed to resign from teaching at the college. Are you glad this professor stood up to liberal hate and won this case? Watch below: