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BREAKING: FBI Shifts Investigation To Pizzagate Criminal Tony Podesta

Liberals are really regretting their decision to push for an investigation into the phony Trump Russia scandal right about now.

In a shocking turn of events, the sickening partisan witch hunt turned into something real when the FBI discovered some suspicious facts about former Clinton campaign boss Tony Podesta.

The FBI discovered the Podesta Group had worked for a pro-Ukraine public relations campaign, and he may have violated the Foreign Agents Act by not disclosing the work for a foreign power.

Upon reviewing financial records, the FBI traced money paid to Podesta from the Ukraine to shell companies owned by a child sex slavery operation in Cambodia. The Ukraine is the source of an alarmingly high number of children who are forced into prostitution.

This new information helps expose why liberals were so desperate to discredit “Pizzagate.”

Now we know that Tony Podesta is directly connected to the child sex slave trade through his own businesses. It doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure out that he does indeed have interests in other places outside of Cambodia, including the United States. His brother even admitted it in emails, which were eagerly tossed aside by the mainstream media.

Perhaps now law enforcement will look into John and Tony Podesta’s operations a bit more closely.



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