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JUST IN: Nikki Haley Just Threw Down One JAW DROPPING Fact At The UN That Made The Whole Room SQUIRM

Nikki Halley

Nikki Haley is still fighting the good fight as US Ambassador to the United Nations! Haley ripped the UN Security Council during a meeting on Tuesday, slamming their bias against Israel and reluctance to condemn Iran and Hezbollah.

“Truth be told, the Security Council often makes the Middle East more complicated than it actually is.”

“It obsesses over Israel. And it refuses to acknowledge one of the chief sources of conflict and killing in the Middle East — that is, Iran and its partner militia, Lebanese Hezbollah.”

Haley criticized the Security Council for not condemning Hezbollah’s refusal to disarm- a violation of the Security Council’s resolutions on Lebanon. The UN recognizes the Lebanese Army as the sole legitimate military in the country.

“For too long, the Security Council has chosen to pretend that the status quo is acceptable for the people of Lebanon.”

“It is not. Hezbollah’s illegal weapons build-up is putting the people of Lebanon in great danger.”

Then she drops the hammer:

 “Remarkably, this council cannot even bring itself to use the word ‘Hezbollah’ in recent resolutions or statements on Lebanon. Many here are happy to name Israel, time after time, but Hezbollah is somehow off limits. It’s absurd. Worse than that, it’s dangerous.”

BOOM. I love this lady! She does NOT hold back, and she fights hard every day to shake up the UN! Check out her whole awesome diatribe against the Security Council here:

Shockingly (not really), the mainstream media isn’t reporting Haley sticking up for Israel and putting Iran and Hezbollah on notice. This is the news you’ll find when you type “Nikki Haley” on the CNN website:

That’s right- NO MENTION of her Security Council meeting. I thought the left was all about strong female figures in politics? I guess Nikki Haley doesn’t count.

Since the MSM isn’t giving her recognition, let’s show Haley some support by sharing this 500,000 times!

(h/t the algemeiner)