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BREAKING: There Was Someone Else On That Plane For The Secret Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch Meeting

The Clintons are good at one thing: Keeping secrets. Their entire lives are shrouded in mystery, murder, deception and crime. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the hiney. In the case of Slick Willy’s secret airplane meeting with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the secret was supposedly already out.

Not true, says a reporter for the Baltimore Morning News, who has obtained a copy of a paperwork required by the state of Maryland intended to be a backup system to terrorism checks for private planes. In this case, the information logged showed that Loretta Lynch and one passenger made the trip that ended with the meeting in the hangar that both Clinton and Lynch say was a happenstance encounter with no substance.

So…who was the passenger? With no point of origin paperwork or public flight plan needed for someone with such high clearance, the only evidence is the Maryland manifest, which says the former AG showed up to meet with Bill Clinton accompanied by Speaker Paul Ryan.

What would Paul Ryan, Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton be doing meeting in July, before the election, in a hangar outside of Baltimore? Theories are beginning to mount but the feeling is that Bill Clinton was negotiating for his wife and the DNC, while Ryan was looking out for the RNC and Lynch was the mediator. They were most likely conspiring to throw a wrench in the juggernaut that was the trump campaign. It didn’t work.

The other possibility is that they made a deal for Hillary’s freedom at the expense of an embarrassing national election loss. Would Hillary Clinton sacrifice the Democrat party, which is now basically defunct, for a few years of freedom before she finally gags on her own sins and dies? You bet she would.

Now the question is: Did anyone do anything illegal? Ryan certainly could face an investigation into his professional ethics if nothing else. He’s the Speaker of the House. He doesn’t make policy, he leads the body that makes policy. Big difference.




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