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Stacey Dash Completely Crushes Maxine Waters: You Are A “Corrupt Media Buffoon”

Maxine Waters made an awful speech at the BET’s “Black Girls Rock” event. “Whether it’s the president of the United States of America or any of his Cabinet, we will say to them, ‘We will resist you, we will not allow you to damage this country in the way that you’re doing, we will not allow you to take us backwards.’ Not only will we resist you, we will impeach you, Mr. President,” said Waters.

Black Conservative actress Stacey Dash crushed Maxine Waters for her speech. “This is how you spin a corrupt media buffoon sucking up her late in life 15 minutes:” tweeted Dash with a link to a BET article praising Waters called “Black Girls Rock Acceptance Speech: Auntie Maxine Waters Did Not Come to Play! “If You Come For Me, I’m Coming For You.”

“Ok. I digress. I should not name call. She’s NOT A WARRIOR OF TRUTH,” added Dash. Twitter was immediately harsh towards Dash. And like always, when a black person steps out of line from what liberals want, they call them all sorts of names.

Dash responded to all the haters who were insulting her for being black and not agreeing with them.

“Calls for me to “be black, act black” or “rejoin the black race” are endemic of people blinded by the left strategy of self-segregation,” tweeted Dash. Do you think Maxine Waters is just a corrupt media buffoon?





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