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REPORT: Kim Jong Un Killed In Trump’s Overnight Black Op Attack On North Korea

President Trump decided to go ahead and do what no other president has had the stones to do last night and launched a covert campaign to eliminate the threat of North Korean nuclear and conventional weaponry.

An independent source at the Pentagon is confirming for us what the mainstream media won’t until they’ve figured out an angle to make Trump look bad: North Korea’s military is in ruins and not a single civilian was hurt.

The reporter who managed to get the story told LLOD:

“A cute little airman whose name I won’t disclose confirmed that Admiral Fitzwallis gave the order to go to 17 SEAL teams on the ground covertly in North Korea. In three hours time, the entire military infrastructure of that country has been eliminated.

This was no joke. This was calculated and perfectly executed. According to the airman, North Korea is brighter now than it ever has been at night because “it is currently on fire.”
Now reports are coming in from sources on the ground in Pyongyang that Supreme Leader and all-around nitwit Kim Jong Un has been killed in the action. Immediately afterward, Kim was spotted on radio giving a death to America speech that was recorded several years ago, but the actual dictator hasn’t been spotted.

From the Presidential Palace, crews are working on a colla[psed section of the building that houses the living quarters of Kim and his family.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.



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