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Halle Berry Whines That Her High School Was “Racist”, Then Her Classmates Told The Truth

Halle Berry

Multi-millionaire biracial actress Halle Berry has an Academy Award and worldwide fame. However, the extent of Berry’s success in the entertainment world and beyond has not led her to be grateful for all those who supported her when she was young.

Instead, Berry has come out and criticized the high school she went to in Bedford, Ohio where she alleged only “like 3 out of 2500 students” were African-American. She said to People magazine, “Because my mother was white and my father was black… we got called Oreos and names, and kids just didn’t understand, so we were different.”

She added, “We were the brunt of a lot of jokes. So, I think my need to please and my desire to achieve was because I was constantly trying to prove that I was as good as the other white students. I felt very ‘less than,’ and I thought, ‘If I can beat them at everything, then I can be as good as them.’”

Unfortunately, there are no shortage of people who remember different about Halle and her high school years, and they have spoken out on Facebook. Wrote one schoolmate, “Halle graduated from Bedford High School in northeast Ohio in 1984 (two years behind me). During her tenure at BHS, she was class president, a cheerleader, editor of the school newspaper, and prom queen. We were in the band together during my senior year (she was a flag girl), so I saw her nearly every day at school. She was well-liked by students of all races and I don’t recall anyone ever saying an unkind word about her.”

Added another, “This isn’t the first time she has LIED about Bedford- 10 years ago in a Cosmo article she talked about how she experienced racism- I graduated in ’81 she graduated a couple years later w/my sister and my dad was her mailman- as previously stated she was super popular, all the guys wanted to date her, all the girls wanted to be her, I don’ t know why she continues to say this- maybe for attention but I hate that it makes Bedford look bad.” Do you think it’s disappointing that Berry is trying to smear her hometown as racist? Watch below: