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Black GOPer Says What Nobody Else Will Say About Obama ’s Family’s Slave-Owning Past

Larry Elder - Obama

Many have traced the roots of today’s out of control racial debate to the administration of Democratic President Barack Obama, who stoked racial tension in his failed attempt to maintain Democratic power by dividing Americans along racial lines.

It is strange, then, that Obama himself is not more divided, considering the fact that he had an African father and a white mother from Kansas. Obama’s white roots have been left largely unexamined, and conservative African-American radio host recently called out Obama over how his race-baiting is hypocritical.

Said Elder in a tweet that has proved to be very controversial, “Shouldn’t Obama, who descends from slave owners on mom’s side and slave sellers on dad’s, give blacks his book royalties as reparations?”

This truth bomb certainly did not go over well with liberals, who have a hard time accepting anything that falls outside their rigid preconceptions about the world. Replied one liberal, “Why are you preaching the politics of hate so early on a Sunday Morning? You should donate 10% of your earnings to the ” Added another, claiming that Elder had somehow sold out, “Larry. I feel sad for you. When did you sell your soul.”

One more angry leftist responded with a tweet that makes no sense whatsoever, posting, “Do YOU want to be responsible for paying reparations to everyone your ancestors have hurt? If not, don’t be a hypocrite.” Do you agree with what Larry Elder wrote?