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Goofy Liz Wants To Ban A Type Of Cigarette Because She Says It’s “Racist”

Hyper-liberal Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who President Donald Trump memorably nicknamed “ Goofy Liz ” can’t seem to help embracing pointless causes and pointing fingers at everyone except herself and accusing them of being racist.

Sen. Warren was at it again recently when she banded together with other Democratic senators to get the Food and Drug Administration to ban the sales of menthol cigarettes.

In the letter that Sen. Warren and her colleagues put out, they went so far as to claim that the tobacco industry was somehow targeting black people with its marketing efforts for menthol cigarettes.

Stated the letter in its out-of-left-field claim, “The tobacco industry has a long history of targeting menthol cigarettes to African-Americans and in particular African-American youth through strategic marketing and promotional materials.” Warren’s letter continued, “These actions have resulted in significant health disparities in communities of color.”

Warren then made her demand of the FDA, saying, “Continued delay on this issue will only further worsen this public health crisis, as a new generation of smokers are initiated and become addicted to menthol cigarettes … We urge the FDA to use its authority to expediently remove menthol as a flavor additive.” Do you think it’s disgusting that Elizabeth Warren is trying to use racism to get something she doesn’t like banned?




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