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Melania Just Shared The Most Heartbreaking Photo Of President Trump

First Lady Melania Trump posted an image of herself being seated alongside her husband President Trump at Camp David on Sunday while being informed on the freshest Hurricane Irma news, which has made its way to Florida.

Following that, she took a part in the video conference call alongside the Federal Emergency Management Agency were Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen are.

“Thank you to 1st responders! Stay safe!” Melania Trump posted on Twitter.

The whole post on Twitter, which was alongside the picture read the following: “Today’s video conference #HurricaneIrma briefing by @Fema at Camp David. Thank you to 1st responders! Stay safe!”

Hurricane Irma, which is a Category 3 storm according to the National Hurricane Center’s freshest labeling, carries the possibility of maximum sustained winds of 120 miles per hour, “life-threatening” storm surge, and incredibly massive rainfall in some regions.

“This is very dangerous storm … and it’s enormously important that every American in the path of this storm take the warnings of state and local officials to heart,” Pence, being alongside people from Trump’s Cabinet at FEMA headquarters in Washington, stated for reporters on Sunday afternoon. “It is a storm of historic and epic proportions and the efforts of every level of our federal government are here to stand alongside the state and local officials.” he continued.

Pence said that Trump has had a conversation with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, on top of the governors of neighboring states also being concerned by the storm.

FEMA Administrator Brock Long stated previously during the day that as Hurricane Irma’s presumed track moves more west, the agency segues to remain in touch with regional officials in Georgia and Alabama, mentioning particularly hat storm surge in the Gulf waters will be a crucial focus.

Florida has been almost demolished by the ‘most catastrophic storm’ that territory recalls, with Hurricane Irma being the cause of tornadoes, a 15ft sea spiking, flooding and 130mph winds.

At the time of these previous couple of hours, Irma has upgraded its potency to a Category 4 storm and got to the island chain famous as the Florida Keys, the US National Hurricane Center disclosed.


What are your thoughts on this? Are you proud to see the First Lady engaged in the whole matter like this?



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