The media has been condemning President Trump’s response to Charlottesville. Fox’s Krauthammer said that President Trump was a ‘disgrace’. Laura Ingraham crushed him for it.

What Trump did today is a moral disgrace. What he did was he reverted where he was on Saturday and made it very clear that what he read on Sunday, was a hostage tape, clearly reading off a prompter, saying these denunciations by name of the KKK, et cetera, that wasn’t Trump speaking, that was the aide speaking,” said Krauthammer. He continued to describe how Trump doesn’t understand the ‘uniqueness’ of Nazism and how it should be treated differently than Antifa.

“Racism is evil, those who engage in violence are criminals and thugs,” Ingraham interrupted.

“I guess what Charles just said is Donald Trump doesn’t mean that. Now if you’re gonna say Donald Trump is a racist, or he’s stupid, or he’s some dumb troglodyte, whose just doing a hostage tape, I guess you can tell all our Fox viewers that,” said Ingraham.

“And I resent that you just said it was a cop-out what I said on this set. To critique what he said today is what we were asked to do on this show tonight. I’m not gonna pass moral judgment on whether Donald Trump is, uh, you know morally on the same plane as you are, Charles. I’m sure you are a better person than he is,” said Ingraham sarcastically. Check out the video below.