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Jesse Watters Just Shut Up Hypocrite Obama Over Who He Pardoned

Jesse Watters

Liberals and some establishment conservatives are up in arms over President Donald Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and have publicly denounced Trump for it. However, Fox News’ Jesse Watters struck back at them by pointing out who Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton pardoned.

Commented Watters to Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry, “You’ve had Bill Clinton, who famously pardoned Marc Rich, the biggest tax cheat in U.S. history.”

He continued, “You have President Obama who commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning, huge traitor. And you know, commuted sentences of a lot of crack dealers at the end of his administration.”

Joked Henry, “Is there a question?” Replied Watters, “I’m leading up to it. People want to hear what I have to say.”

Jesse stated, “Now you have Arpaio whose 85-years-old. He’s a very loyal friend of the president. It’s a misdemeanor charge. Everyone’s pulling their hair out in Washington about Sheriff Joe being pardoned. Big picture this for us. Is this, this big of a deal?” Henry plied that it is not a huge deal and that Trump’s supporters will “love it.” However, he cautioned that it may raise some “red flags” because the Department of Justice did not approve it. Do you think people like Barack Obama are hypocrites for questioning Trump’s pardon? Watch below: