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Black Lives Matter Just Attacked The Mayor Of St. Louis’s House, Then It Escalated

The radical liberal hate group Black Lives Matter and people affiliated with it have been responsible for multiple murders of policemen and untold violence and property destruction beyond this.

Recently in the city of St Louis, the group was unhappy that white police officer Jason Stockley was convicted on the charge of murdering a black male named Anthony Lamar Smith. Instead of going through sensible, law-abiding channels to voice their displeasure with this verdict, these protesters decided to riot and attack the Mayor of St. Louis Lyda Krewson’s house.

Reported St. Louis police via Twitter about the violence that broke out, “Agitators have converged on Mayor Krewson’s house. Throwing rocks and breaking windows, despite being instructed not to.”

Commented Fox News about the situation as it escalated, “Police deploy tear gas near Mayor Krewson’s home in the Central West End. Agitators are breaking her windows and smearing paint on her home.” Protesters struck policemen with bricks, and three policemen ended up being seriously injured.

During the previous protest that occurred earlier in the day, the protesters attacked a local news reporter by throwing a water bottle at her. Added the St. Louis Police department, “Rocks & water bottles have been thrown at our officers throughout the day. Officers used great restraint.” Later on in the day, before attacking the Mayor’s house, the protesters burned American flags. Do you blame President Obama for this escalation in violence by Black Lives Matter and other leftist protest groups?




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