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Hollywood Actor Michael Rapaport Attacks Kushner For Being Jewish: “Take The F**king Dreidel Out Of Your Ass”

Michael Rapaport

Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport singled out Jared Kushner in the White House’s response to Charlottesville. According to Rapaport, Kushner should be angry with President Trump’s comments because he is Jewish. He went on an angry anti-semitic rant against Kushner. “What kind of advice have you been giving out lately, huh? You

Michelle Malkin Has Final Word Against Lib Idiots Trying To Tear Down Every Statue They Don’t Like

Michelle Malkin

Conservative Michelle Malkin, who has respect for the ups and downs of American history, is furious at liberals’ attempts to erase America’s history and heritage by removing statues that they feel are not aligned with their values. Said the host of CRTV’s Michelle Malkin Investigates to Sean Hannity, “We’ve got the progressive left, the open